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 Question: Can I buy the oil paintings?

Answer: The artwork is yours to keep if you rent the artwork through the maximum rental period of 30 months.


Question: How much will shipping cost?

Answer: We offer free shipping on all artworks. If you exchange the artworks or cancel the service after 12 months, Hmazing will provide free UPS return shipping labels. You will only be responsible for packaging. If you exchange the artworks or cancel the service within 12 months upon receipt of the products, you will be responsible for the return shipping fee. Hmazing will provide you a return shipping label and charge the shipping fee via your payment card.


Question: How do I return or exchange a painting?

Answer: Please go to my account page and select the artwork you want to return or exchange


Question: Do you sell paintings or prints?

Answer: We sell only 100% hand-painted and handmade oil paintings. These are oil on canvas genuine masterpieces; and each stroke, texture and nuance is created by hand – in the same way the original paintings were created


Question: Are there any paintings that look exactly the same as prints?

Answer: Unlike prints, our works of art are crafted by real artists who reproduce the work by way of their own natural talent. Each of our oil paintings is just as colorful and unique as the original. Our talented and experienced artists give our paintings a distinct feel and look with each brushstroke. Additionally, no two paintings are alike, and each one will differ slightly from the others, giving all our paintings a distinctive charm.


Question: What if my painting gets damaged during shipping?

Answer: Don’t worry – we’ll take care of it! In the very rare case that your painting arrives damaged, please refuse the delivery so the shipping company can send the package back to us. We do our best to package your artwork so that it arrives in perfect condition. Unfortunately, we can’t control the UPS delivery drivers who will be handling the order along the way. If your order arrives damaged, simply contact us at, and we’ll take care of it.


Question: Can I pay by credit card? Is it secure?

Answer: We make all credit card transactions via a secured, bank-authorized credit card processing company, and through a 256 bit SSL-encrypted and secured Web page. Your personal credit card information is secure, as all our transactions are done electronically. Furthermore, as an additional level of security, all purchases are guaranteed by both your credit card and our processing company.