Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did all the craftworks come from?

A: All of our products have two different types; The first type that the product came from an origin or was placed in a local museum. The second type is that the products came from craftsmen or artists imitating other original work. 

Q: Why does every product come with a map?

A: Every product of ours are handmade, but we want to allow you to know the story behind the product. This includes the material, who made it, and where did it come from. As a result, instead of just using it as an ornament, you’ll know the story behind the product that you place around your home.

Q: After knowing the stories behind the products, how do I learn more about the local things?

A: In addition to the stories we want you to know, we’ll also invite more local spokesmen of their culture, department of visiting, places to visit, and house hosts to help you learn more about their stories. You could even experience how a native people live their life. Our products are just a beginning, and could also be an inspiration of where you would have wanted to do. Even if you’ve been to somewhere remarkable, you can trace back on Hmazing to find their product as a memorandum.

Q: What can Hmazing bring you?

A: For people who would make their house look better, you can find ornaments here. For people who wanted to travel, the products here are all inspirations. With the inspirations, you’ll have a clear direction of where you’ll be planning on going for your next vacation.

Q: Can I pay by credit card? Is it secure?

A: We make all credit card transactions via a secured, bank-authorized credit card processing company, and through a 256 bit SSL-encrypted and secured Web page. Your personal credit card information is secure, as all our transactions are done electronically. Furthermore, as an additional level of security, all purchases are guaranteed by both your credit card and our processing company.