Blue and Green Peacock Earrings

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The earrings are made of cloisonne, colored glaze, seashell, green agate and 925 sterling silver. Its length is 1.65 inches, not including ear hook.

Cloisonne (French pronunciation: [klwazɔne]) is used to decorate an ancient technique, metalworking object. In recent centuries, vitreous enamel has been used and in earlier periods also inlays of cut gems, glass and other materials have been used. The resulting object can also be called cloisonne. The decoration is done by first inserting the compartment (forming cloisons French ) to be welded by the metal object or by gluing silver or gold thread or strip on its edge. These are still visible in the finished product, separating different compartments of enamels or inlays, which are usually several colors. The enamel enamel enamel products and enamel powder made from paste, and then firing in the kiln.

In ancient times, the technique of pinching beehives was mainly used for gadgets and accessories for thick objects such as jewelry and clothes, weapons or similar geometric or schematic designs. The Byzantine Empire technology uses finer wire development to allow more imagery, primarily for religious images and jewelry, and then always to use enamel. By the fourteenth century, this technique of enamel had reached China and soon was used for larger vessels such as bowls and vases. Technology is still very common in China until the 18th century when Western-style filigree enamel crafts were produced in the West.

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