Deep Green Egg-Shape Trinket Box

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Trinket box is made of cast iron.
Hand painting and hand 
inlaying rhinestones.
Size(inch): Length 2.6 * Width 2.6 * Height 3.9


The city of Yiwu located in the centre of Zhejiang province is not only home to 1.2 million individuals, it’s where you’ll find the gigantic 43-million-square-foot market known as ‘China Commodity City’.

Everything you could possible imagine is available for sale, thousands of plastic flowers, fake designer brand and luxury items, towers of tupperware and thousands of knick knacks, toys and gimmicks.

If you needed to find a cheap and fun present for a friend - the options at China Commodity City are virtually limitless. Roughly 62,000 market stalls and booths sit inside the complex, making competition and price matching fierce and frantic.

With 62,000 options, it's safe to say the odds of getting a good deal are heavily stacked in favour of the cashed up consumer.

Craft jewelry making

Sea of Small Commodities, Heaven for Shoppers: Yiwu Shopping Tourism Overview
Yiwu is in the middle part of Zhejiang Province whose geographical center is in the southwestern Yiwu. Yiwu is 130km and 300km away from Hangzhou and Shanghai.

In 2006, it received over 437 visitors per day and 260,000 international visitors in the whole year. Yiwu has been judged by tourist as the top 10 attractive travel destinations and also top 10 tourism and leisure cities in Zhejiang. Yiwu International Trade Center has been awarded by the National Tourism Administration a title as the first AAAA rated shopping tourism area in China. More and more tourists take the shopping in Yiwu as fashion tours. Yiwu shopping tourism has become the powerhouse for the social and economic development in Zhejiang and a special brand in the circle of the Yangtze Delta tourism economy.

Yiwu’s prosperity can be summed up in the line of “sea of small commodities, heaven for shoppers”. The market is the strength of Yiwu economy and shopping tourism. The China Small Commodity Center, consisting of the International Trade Center, the Huangyuan Market and the Binwang Market, has a operation area of over 2.6 million sq km and 58,000 booths, employs 0.16 million persons, and handles nearly 10,000 tons of goods a day. The market operates over 0.4 million small commodities from 1,900 categories in 41 industries and includes almost all daily consumption goods, such as crafts, jewelry, suitcases, bags, stationery, sporting goods, socks and clothing. Every day, over 500 new or special small commodities come to the market. The commodity categories and product varieties keep increasing. The market has exported its commodities to 212 nations and regions, such as the Southeast Asian, the Middle East, the EU and America. Over 60% revenue was generated from exportation.

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