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Terms & Conditions

The rental agreement will commence on the following date from the delivered date (the date you receive the artwork(s)).


Rental Service

Your Hmazing rental, which may start with a free trial, will continue on a month-to-month basis and automatically renew unless and until you cancel your or we terminate it. You must provide us with a current, valid, accepted method of payment (referred to from here on as, “Payment Method”) to use the Hmazing service. We will bill the monthly fee to your Payment Method. You must cancel your rental service before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month’s subscription fees to your Payment Method.

In the event that an artwork is lost while in your possession, you may be charged for the cost of the artwork. You hereby authorize us to charge your Payment Method for any lost artwork(s). We will alert you of any potential charges for lost artwork(s) prior to charging your Payment Method.

If you rent an artwork through the maximum rental period of 30 months, that artwork is yours to keep, and the RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITION and THE AUTOMATIC RECURRING BILLING AGREEMENT will be terminated for that artwork.



You can exchange your artwork(s) at any time during the rental service. Once we receive your request, we will ship the new artwork(s). Upon receiving the new artworks, you have 15 days to ship the old artworks back to Hmazing.

If you exchange the artworks within 12 months upon receipt of the products, you will be responsible for the return shipping fee. If you exchange the artworks after 12 months, Hmazing will provide free UPS return shipping labels. You will only be responsible for packaging.


Return & Return Shipping Fee

If you rent one product for equal to or more than 12 months and decide to cancel the rental service after, Hmazing will provide free UPS shipping labels. If you cancel the rental service within 12 months, you will be responsible for the return shipping fee. Hmazing will provide a UPS return label upon your request and we will charge the shipping fee via your credit card account.

Since the rental service operates on a month-by-month basis, any rental period of less than one month will be charged one month’s rental fees plus tax. If you don’t want to rent the artwork the following month, please initiate the return process before the next billing date.

Upon initiating a return, your rental service will be placed on hold and you will have 15 days to drop off the artwork(s) at any UPS location. You will be responsible for the packaging to return your artwork. If you do not drop off within 15 days of your cancelation, we reserve the right to charge you for the following monthly rent. Failure to return any outstanding artwork(s) will result in your Payment Method being billed for such items.

Please note that when you return your artwork(s), we take care of the works, including any repairable scratches on the canvas or other natural damage such as cracks and flaking. For human-caused damage, the renter will be charged for any artificial frame damage and canvas damage.

Please ship your return to:


1773 W. San Bernardino Rd Ste B19

West Covina, CA 91790


Free Trial

Your Hmazing rental service may start with a free trial. The free trial period of your membership lasts from one month to three months depending on the offer you receive, or as otherwise specified. For combinations with other offers, restrictions may apply.

We will charge a monthly fee at the end of the free trial period and your rental service will automatically renew monthly unless you cancel prior to the end of the free trial period. To view the specific details of your subscription, including the monthly subscription price and end date of your free trial period, visit our website.


Automatic Recurring Billing Agreement

Each time you rent from Hmazing, you accept the AUTOMATIC RECURRING BILLING AGREEMENT. You authorize Hmazing to process charges on your payment card for all monthly rental charges, plus tax, incurred based on the length of your rental. You can terminate a rental transaction at any time by returning the rented items, or by keeping the items through the maximum rental period (30 months). If your payment card is declined, we have the right to collect all past due charges from you, and we reserve the right to charge you interest for overdue charges at the highest current rate allowed by law.

This Recurring Billing Agreement between Hmazing and the “Representative” is as follows: By providing my credit or debit card, or bank account information (“Payment Method”), I AGREE that I have read and understand this Automatic Recurring Payment Agreement. In addition, I authorize the Company to charge the artwork rental fee required by the artwork rental agreement to the specified Payment Method on a monthly basis; and I authorize the financial institution linked to the Payment Method, specified above, to charge or debit my account and remit payment for the rental fee to the Company. This authority will remain in effect until the termination of the artwork rental period, and also until the artwork(s) is (are) returned to the Company. Upon termination, billing of the rental will cease with the subsequent billing cycle.

I agree to notify the Company in writing of any changes in my credit card or bank account information concerning this authorization at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. In the case of a charge being rejected, I understand that the Company may, at its discretion, attempt to process the charge again within 30 days, and charge an additional fee for each attempt necessary to bill the recurring payment. I agree not to dispute this recurring billing with my credit card company, as long as the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form and the artwork rental agreement.



All rental payments to the Company from Your Account must be made using a means of payment of which we approve. We currently require that payments be made by a credit card (i.e. VISA or MasterCard). All payments must be made from a payment source of which you are the named Account Holder. All payments are nonrefundable, regardless of the circumstances

You will be charged in arrears for the Services at the end of each month (“Billing Date”). If we do not receive the full amount of your Service Fees within 7 days of the Billing Date, a late payment charge of 1.5% per month may be added to your bill, which will be due — and payable — immediately. You agree to pay us all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred to collect any overdue amounts. Your account will be deactivated without further notice if payment is overdue, regardless of the dollar amount. Furthermore, you agree to pay any outstanding balance in full within 30 days of cancellation or termination of the Services. We may change our fee structure at any time, with thirty (30) days’ notice.

You agree that we will not be liable for any loss caused by the unauthorized use of your credit card, or any other method of payment by a third party in connection with the Site. You waive your right to dispute any payment made via Your Account, and you will be responsible for all costs.

Any attempt to defraud the Site through the use of credit cards or other methods of payment, or failure to honor charges or requests for payment, will result in the immediate termination of Your Account, as well as civil and/or criminal prosecution.

In the case of suspected or fraudulent payment, including the use of stolen credentials, by anyone, or any other fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to block Your Account. We are entitled to subsequently inform any relevant authorities or entities (including credit reference agencies), of any payment fraud or other unlawful activity, and may employ collection services to recover payments.

Here are a few things to be aware of:

In addition, the following fees may also apply: