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Why Hmazing?

Hmazing is a blending word by handmade + amazing. Every artwork is unique piece painted by a talented artist using environmental friendly oil paints. It takes around 2 weeks for an artist to complete one painting. A professional craftsman will mount the canvas on stretcher bars and the then mount the artwork on a frame carefully selected by us. No artwork is the same.


We offer flexible rental program. You can bring an artwork home starting from $7.99 per month. Cancel at any time or exchange the artworks at any time. If you rent an artwork through the maximum rental period of 30 months, that artwork is yours to keep. You can truly enjoy the handmade museum quality oil paintings at an affordable price.


Life will not be changeless. Most likely, you can’t buy a new house or remodel your home every five years. But you can always enjoy new scenery by exhibiting new oil paintings of different artists on the wall of your home every year, from Van Gogh’s “Tahiti” and “The Starry Night”, Monet’s “Garden” to Klimt’s “Kiss”. The atmosphere of art that brings freshness and passion to your life will flow continuously at your home.